Andreotti Farmaceutica italy

Complementary feed for veterinarians and premixes

Research and development as basis for innovative complementary feed for pets.

R&D – key to success

With over 30 years of experience in contract manufacturing of complementary feed for pets, horses and poultry exclusively for private label, the Italian company Andreotti Farmaceutica provides fully customised solutions. In a highly competitive market, innovative research and development make the cutting-edge difference. The ongoing search for new, differentiating raw materials and the development of dedicated formulas that ensure animal well-being have been key to the company’s success.

Going above and beyond

The company focuses on developing new ideas ahead of market trends. With a flexible approach to the market, in which customers can choose between optimised products or their own specific product requirements, a dedicated team of experts creates made-to-measure formulas exclusively for each customer. Extensive know-how in using plant extracts as active ingredients have enabled the development of veterinary phytotherapy-based formulas. All formulas are not only customer specific, but also in compliance with European legislation.

Certified quality

At Andreotti Farmaceutica, the production processes are carried out according to the company’s stringent procedures. In order to ensure the traceability of all raw materials, production is done in compliance with a strict internal control system. Additionally, all of the production processes are certified ISO 9001:2015 since 2002.

The company’s production site can be found in Guarda Veneta, close to Rovigo in Italy. Besides having a large warehouse for raw material and finished product storage, the site is equipped with production and packaging lines for liquid, semi-liquid and solid products.

Full service partnership

Andreotti Farmaceutica designs, develops, manufactures and packages a wide range of complementary feed in accordance with customer requirements in several forms:

  • Liquid forms - solutions, emulsions and oral suspensions
  • Semi-solid forms - hydrophile and lipophile pastes in syringes and aluminium or plastic tubes
  • Solid forms - powders and tablets

The company primarily serves the European market, where it offers a full range of after sales services. Customer experiences are shared to further improve formulas where possible. Other customers are to be found in North Africa and the Middle East.


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