Aquascaping is thriving in Romania

Aquascaping has elevated underwater gardening to an art form. The aim is to arrange plants amongst rocks and driftwood in a sophisticated composition where ratios and balance are key. Find out about the booming aquascaping sector in Romania.

For wet green fingers 

Several companies in Europe offer a large range of plants from all around the world. Some plants have been developed specifically for aquariums and only exist in aquariums. Nowadays many plants are cultivated by cloning under laboratory conditions and sold in little cups with their nutritive jelly.

In order to keep an aquatic landscape thriving and free of algae, aquascapers have to take into account good filtration, lighting and CO2. This is where opportunities for aquascaping brands lie, to develop specific products for aquascaping, such as panoramic aquariums, special LED lights optimised for plants, or little bottles of CO2 for nano-aquariums.

Romanian market doing more than well

To get more insight into aquascaping in Romania we contacted industry experts working in the field of aquarium plants and products in East and Southern Europe. 

According to the experts, the Romanian aquascaping market has been steadily growing since 2014. 

There are many active brands in the world of aquascaping and you can find anything to make the most beautiful aquascapes. Some of the brands had practically no visibility in 2014; now they are available throughout the country. 

Aquascaping worldwide 

Currently the best aquascapers in the world can be found in Asian countries like Japan, Vietnam, China and Indonesia. However, Brazil is also an up and coming country when it comes to aquascaping. In Europe the most prominent countries at the moment are Germany, Spain, Poland, Hungary and Italy. 

Interestingly, Romania has been catching up significantly in the last five years. With a little more work and investment the country will flourish even more in the field. After such a good start we can certainly hope for the best.


Marie-Sophie Germain

Journalist and author specialised in pets
Food safety and trends; Packaging & sustainability; Eastern Europe