Avantis spain

Young and ambitious

Cecoagro saw great potential in the global dynamism of the pet food sector.

International diversification

Avantis is a relatively new addition to the Spanish industrial group Cecoagro. The pet food subsidiary was set up as part of an international diversification strategy. It is active in various market segments, offering a wide range of dry pet food from medium-priced to super premium.

Variety of brands

PetCool is a high turnover brand with fun design, competitive prices and excellent quality. A selection of real bestsellers.

Avantis is the company’s main brand and stays true to its primary aim: providing ‘intelligent nutrition’. Reaping the benefits of age-old secrets, it incorporates an exclusive selection of the finest botanical ingredients into its products. The best of nature helps to care for pets and prevent illnesses.

A recently launched product line is Pure. Natural ingredients, holistic care, fresh meat, grain free – this super premium pet food has the product features that appeal to today’s consumers.

Exclusive, ethical… and certified

All Avantis formulae have been carefully designed by experts. Each product has an exclusive formula and each kibble is the result of many hours of hard work, extensive experience and in-depth knowledge. 

Avantis is committed to protecting the environment with sustainable, cruelty-free pet food. The ingredients are free of genetically modified organisms, and product development and manufacturing methods comply with ISO 9001 and 

ISO 22000 quality and safety standards.

Technology made in Europe

Avantis has selected production partners with the best technology in Europe. Using fresh meat, for example, entails only one heat treatment prior to becoming kibble. This gives substantial nutritional benefits when compared to products containing meat meal. All fresh fish and meat come from suppliers of food for human consumption. Another benefit is the 100% natural appetite enhancers that give unique flavours and characteristics that make pets want to eat.

Thinking globally…

…and working globally: a growing number of countries are supplied from production plants and warehouses in Iberia (Spain and Portugal). The export team provides customers with all possible support to make market entry as easy as possible. This includes assistance with product registration. The company is currently seeking experienced partners as exclusive distributors to complete its international expansion.

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