Bentaş Bentonit turkey

Respecting the generosity of nature

Bentaş Bentonit was established in 2007 to produce clumping cat litter from white bentonite reserves available in Turkey. Today, it exports to 51 countries worldwide. 


Large reserves

Almost 90% of all white bentonite reserves in Turkey are found in the areas around Ordu, Ünye and Fatsa. The company has 45 million tons of bentonite in reserve, spread over seven mines. This makes them a trustworthy partner that can always deliver.

The 23,000 sqm Bentaş Bentonit plant is situated in the Fatsa industrial zone, close to the mines. Using the latest technology, it produces cat litter that is hygienic and easy to use for pets and their owners. The plant’s drying capacity is three lines that handle approximately 300,000 mt/year. 

The whiteness of the bentonite from these mines varies between 75% and 92%. The mines also provide many other raw materials, allowing the company to offer a wide range of products to meet all its customers’ needs in terms of quality and price.

Highest quality

Bentaş Bentonit also has operating licences for some very productive mines on the Black Sea coasts. Here the highest quality calcium bentonite is mined, with the capacity to absorb water up to 4-5 times its volume. Another advantage of calcium bentonite when compared to sodium bentonite is that odour absorption is better.

The area where calcium bentonite can be mined is 6,000 hectares and contains five mines with a reserve of approximately 10 million tons.

Research and Development

The company’s Research and Development laboratory has a strong focus on efficiency improvement as well as its work on new product development. As the company mission is to produce very high quality products, its quality control department uses an extensive set of quality parameters for its production checks. 

Some figures:

  • 550 tons per day
  • six different analyses of each ton
  • accounting for a total of 2,250 analyses every 24 hours

The wide variety of bentonite produced enables the company to supply cat litter based on each and every customer’s set of requirements.

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