Bunny Tierernährung GmbH germany

In harmony with people, animals and nature

When it was set up over 30 years ago, the company’s philosophy was ‘In harmony with people, animals and nature’. And this is still at the heart of their activities today.

Different perspective

Founded in 1988, the main focus of Bunny Tierernährung GmbH was to support animal well-being by developing and producing the best possible products for small mammals. Looking at the best-selling products at that time from a strictly nutritional-physiological perspective, it was obvious that the foods did not meet the specific needs of the species. Bunny decided to change this, and created plant-based food aligned to nutrition and physiology insights. The pure green plant pellets they developed were revolutionary in their sensory composition.

Sensory perfection to enhance well-being 

One of the aims of the Bunny team is to achieve sensory perfection with their products. Continuous product development is vital for maintaining high standards in formulas for rabbits and rodents. The wealth of knowledge available at Bunny of both small mammals and technology gives them the opportunity to implement innovative ideas. In 2004, for example, the team developed and optimised TriMello, a simple pellet for small mammals. One particular feature of all basic formulas still applies today: feeding ‘ad libitum’, meaning it is freely available rather than restricted.

Bunny is the only company selling this uncomplicated, convenient type of nutrition for all nine small mammals: rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, degus, hamsters, dwarf hamsters, mice, gerbils and rats. 

Holistic small mammal concepts 

Over the years, the company has continued to come up with new ideas. Bunny now stands for holistic small mammal concepts that are positively received by the trade, consumers and animals alike, and it sets new trends again and again. It has, for example, expanded the segment with successful concepts such as BunnyBedding and BunnyInteractive. 

Another product is hay from nature conservation meadows. The company is involved in the whole production process in order to guarantee the hay’s unique quality: from the mowing via gentle drying of the crop to careful hand-filling. 


In 2018, Bunny All-nature launched a completely new concept called Botanicals: balanced foods containing only dried plants, herbs and flowers. This is in line with a growing global trend for feeding rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and degus. With the Botanicals concept, Bunny can provide a carefree diet for small mammals.

Successful global development

Over the past few years, the company has seen strong global development. Oliver Petzoldt, managing director since 2014, has been enthralling new customers all over the world with the Bunny concept and products. Products are now selling well in 28 different countries. 

The company will continue to promote and support the small mammal segment with species-appropriate concepts. Further globalisation is now the main focus. In all this, being in harmony with people, animals and nature remains the guiding principle for Bunny’s work.