Caring for pets in Spain

Spain is becoming more and more pet friendly. The average pet owner is a 36-year old woman.

Spanish pet market

AEDPAC is the Spanish pet industry association. It is currently creating a platform for reliable market data and the exchange of sector knowledge and insights. 

Today’s market is valued at €2 billion ($2.3 billion). On average, pet owners spend €824 ($944) a year on food, 93% of them buying quality brands. They spend €354 ($405) per year on veterinary services, plus an average of €83 ($95) on accessories. 86% of pet owners are women and they spend about three hours a day caring for their pets.

Multifunctional pet stores

Spanish pet stores are approximately 390 sqm. Besides selling pet products, they have a small veterinary clinic and a grooming salon. 

Most stores also have a kennel. Average annual turnover is €337,300 ($386,000), with July and December being the busiest months. 73% of stores buy from distributors and 21% directly from the brand manufacturer. The remaining 6% buy online or at trade fairs.

Three-quarters of the retailers do not sell pets. Those who do mostly sell reptiles (23%), dogs (18%) or rodents (16%). 

A quarter of the retailers now have an online presence, with growth expected in the coming years. 10% of Spanish consumers currently buy online.


Lluc Ferrer Aymar

President AEDPAC
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