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Investing in a sustainable future

Diana Pet Food, a global leader in high value solutions improving pets’ well-being and owners’ satisfaction, unveils a global investment plan and a new eco-friendly factory model. 

The Closer the Better

The ambitious investment plan emphasises local, sustainable development to increase the company’s production capacities and ensure it can respond to customer demand for its multiple products and services, enhancing pet food palatability, pet health, pet food protection and innovative scent and care solutions. 

Four major projects embody the company motto ‘The Closer the Better’, communicating the company’s aim to grow closer to its clients and ensure a consistent supply. 

New factories in Latin America

In February 2019, work began on a new concept factory in Tocancipa, Colombia, which will result in local clients in the Andean region seeing a significant decrease in delivery time: from the current average 20-day boat-trip to a 2-day truck-drive.

Further strengthening the company’s presence in Latin America, the construction of a new Brazilian facility in 2020 – in addition to the existing factory in Descalvado, in the State of São Paulo – will triple production capacity in Brazil. Construction will comply with the company’s global food safety standards and will be conceived under the 4.0 industry model with full automation delivering high operational efficiency.

Innovative expansion in Europe

Meanwhile in Europe, the company continues to invest on the site of its headquarters in Elven, France. In response to growing demand for powdered products, April 2018 saw the opening of a second dryer. Started in 2019, a 1,500 sqm extension of the production site, which includes the storage and reception areas for raw materials and final products, is designed to meet the increased capacities generated by the second dryer. It will also improve circulation within the factory, ensuring safety and increasing efficiency. 

The construction of an extrusion line at the end of 2019 will mark the first phase of a new innovation centre. Installed in partnership with an extruder manufacturer, this unique equipment will help the company to fully understand the parameters impacting palatability throughout clients’ production lines, and adapt its products to their constraints. 

Strengthened presence in Asia

Finally, after the opening of a first industrial site in China in 2016, the company will strengthen its operations in the Asian pet food market in 2020, with a new factory equipped with a dryer and an expert measurement centre.

CSR in practice 

With a global presence on five continents, 1,050 employees, 17 industrial sites, 18 sales offices and 3 expert measurement centres, the company is conscious of the need to implement new developments with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) mindset to minimise its social and environmental footprint and prioritise sustainability.

Eco-friendly factory model

An example of how the company is seeking to do this can be seen in the new concept Colombian factory. It will be the company’s first factory to be conceived taking into account the CSR approach, from the building design to the final products coming out of the factory, the well-being and safety of the workers and involvement with local communities.

The building will have a minimum impact on the environment, following the LEED certification standard based on criteria from seven categories that address key aspects of green buildings. Examples of initiatives that will meet the criteria include the collection and use of rainwater for sanitation, the optimisation of site energy consumption (through specific ventilation, heating, and lighting systems) and the installation of photovoltaic systems. The objective will be to obtain a gold LEED certification.

Measuring environmental performance

Thanks to a new, dedicated tool developed internally – the Eco-design matrix – the new factory will be able to assess the environmental performance of its products throughout their life cycle: from the extraction of raw materials through to processing, transportation, packaging and up to the delivery of the products to the company’s clients.

This new factory will pave the way for the company’s future industrial projects and assert its ambition to embed its CSR approach in its DNA.