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Pet food inspired by nature

Dolina Noteci creates exceptional pet food for dogs and cats, reflecting the natural, meat-based diet of dogs and cats and taking into consideration not only the varied nutritional needs of pets, but also their taste preferences. 

Premium pet food 

Premium pet food is a rapidly growing segment of the market. Dolina Noteci’s offer is intended for demanding customers, who follow the same criteria in choosing food for their pets as they do for themselves. That is: natural and well-balanced composition and with beneficial effects on health. The company uses the highest quality raw materials, modern technology and current scientific knowledge on animal nutrition. 

A guarantee of quality

The pet food is produced in the most modern production plant in Europe. Most of the raw materials used in the products – including also GMO-free vegetables – are sourced from local suppliers and meet the quality requirements for foodstuffs intended for human consumption. Moreover, all of the ingredients undergo a multi-stage control process. 

The producer cooperates only with qualified and reliable partners, who have been supplying their raw materials for many years. Thanks to such standards, the company is trusted by the owners of many pet food brands in Europe. 

Environmentally-friendly production 

In implementing the system PN-EN ISO 14001:2015, Dolina Noteci has committed itself to continuous work in the area of environmental protection. Care for ecology enhances production safety and serves to ensure the highest quality of pet food. The company can guarantee that the products are created with respect for the natural environment, concurrently maintaining the highest quality and all its benefits. 

Piper Animals 

The company’s flagship pet food Piper Animals offers five product lines, available in a wide range of flavours and in various packages, giving the purchasers an opportunity to choose pet food adjusted to the needs and taste preferences of their four-legged friends. 

Distributors that share the company’s commitment to quality and that are looking for innovative pet food products can join the company: Dolina Noteci is looking for distributors all over Europe.

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