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The value of co-products

With a clear vision of how to conduct sustainable business, Duynie Ingredients places itself at the forefront of innovative and efficient pet food ingredient suppliers. Their approach involves a keen eye on the value of resources as part of a circular supply chain. PETS International discusses the pet food market’s need for a long-term sustainable business concept.


Co-products with guaranteed quality.

Duynie Ingredients is the most recent addition to Duynie Group, which is part of the cooperative agro-industrial group Royal Cosun. This unique position allows the company to work with atransparent supply chain but at the same time, creates the opportunity to closely monitor quality control. The company’s vision for the future is crystal clear: “We must try to achieve the maximum value out of raw materials as resources become scarcer.”

The materials to be reprocessed are co-products originating from within the cooperation’s product chain itself, as well as raw materials from carefully selected suppliers. “What we do is help food producers who despatch any leftover materials after having completed their own production process. These materials can be reprocessed, and therefore revalued, and then receive a new purpose,” explains sales manager Karina Marsilje. “In this way, we reintroduce it as an important sustainable source for pet food. We can establish a circular supply chain and offer an important service for our partners.”

The circular approach is not limited to reusing edible material. For instance, one of the drying locations is not based on natural gas but on waste heat from
a fermentation process. This particular process generates a lot of heat. This heat can be used to dry co-products in a very sustainable way.

Knowledge partner

Karina stresses that being able to deliver consistent quality to the pet food industry is an important part of Duynie’s business. However, it goes hand in hand with investing in partnerships. “If, for whatever reason, we cannot meet the demands of a potential customer, we are motivated to see how a possible partnership can in fact be established. We ask ourselves: how can we help your company to advance in the pet food market?

“We envision a steady and sustainable business where we act as supplier, knowledge partner for nutritional advice, innovator and provider of business solutions.”

Innovative progress

In order to continue to act as an innovative partner, Duynie’s parent company Royal Cosun looks forward to opening a new R&D facility in the Netherlands later in 2017. This will allow Duynie to expand their role as advisors.

Another investment is the plan to open a new drying facility, involving different kinds of dryers so that flexibility can be offered at all times.

Duynie uses residual heat that can no longer be used in its business process. “In this location, we will dedicate the plant’s capacity for producing ingredients for the pet food industry,” Karina continues to elaborate enthusiastically.

The natural product range currently includes dry products such as potato, chicory, sugar beet, fruit and vegetable. It is expected that the current humanization trend will continue to strongly influence the demand for natural pet food ingredients and Duynie already anticipates this ongoing trend.

“We see a sharp rise in healthy ingredients for pets – inulin, chicory products and beet pulp, for instance. But another trend is the recognisability of specific ingredients. People want to see what is in their food and their pets’ food. We look forward to researching how we can integrate these trends into our products and services.”

In this way, Duynie Ingredients acts as the innovation guardian for the entire supply chain and serves suppliers, customers, and the green economy.

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