Effeffe turkey

Constant creativity for healthy brands

Matching research innovations to buyer needs has brought continuing success in the pet food market.


Successful joint venture

Effeffe Turkey was founded in 2016 as a joint venture between Effeffe Italy and Anadolu Pet. Thirty years of experience in production was added to thirty years of experience in sales and marketing to serve both the Turkish market and export countries. 

Quality assurance

Production started in September of that year, and new and innovative formulas have been developed ever since. With 8,000 sqm of production and warehousing facilities, the company has a production capacity of 4 tons/hour. The plant operates 3 packaging lines with tester size bags up to 200 grams, mini bags up to 3 kg and big bags up to 20 kg. Effeffe complies with all possible quality standards, including ISO 9001 and ISO 22000, and continuously invests in R&D. A wide variety of dry foods are developed and manufactured, from economy to super premium. 

Productive partnerships 

Effeffe follows all innovations in animal nutrition research in its pet food production, while also paying attention to – and trying to anticipate – the evolving needs of dog and cat owners. This is what makes it stand out as a partner. It is also constantly evolving, offering new and better performing nutritional solutions that meet consumers’ needs with reduced time to market. The company understands that constant creativity in formulations, shapes, ingredients, textures and tastes is essential to long-term brand health. That is why this is at the heart of its working practices and plans for future developments.

Experience in 20 countries

Effeffe Turkey watches market trends, whether in products and nutrition or in marketing, sales and consumer dynamics. With its multi-sector, multi-channel and international experience in over 

20 countries, the company is always aware of, and able to anticipate trends and critical success factors. This includes considerable expertise in specialised channels both in and outside of Turkey. That is why Effeffe is much more than just a supplier. It is a strong partner that can be counted on to develop pet food, and to support and effectively promote a brand throughout its life cycle.

Niche nutrition is here to stay.Help to fight dog (owner) obesity. Turkey, a pet market on the rise