Get into the heart of the consumer

The theme of this GlobalPETS Forum is: ‘Get into the heart of the consumer’. A topic as relevant as ever, with emerging online channels and changing consumer shopping behaviour. 

All these changes affect the way you do business with your supply chain partners. For continued success, you need to get from the mind to the heart of the consumer. 

To help you with this, the event offers both network opportunities and an interesting set of speakers:

Terence Mauri is an outspoken game-changing speaker, ranked in the prestigious ‘Thinkers50’ list. What developments are there in the world around us? What is making the consumer change? How do we stay connected with them? Terence will ensure you own the future rather than being disrupted by it. 

We all know that as consumers change, the image of the high street does so too. The influence of online shopping channels can no longer be ignored. On the contrary, online channels will gain even more ground as they reflect the new mindset of millennials.

Jorg Snoeck sketches the many opportunities for a flourishing retail landscape in the future. Everything is changing and, when it comes to shopping, the consumer is now being offered many new choices.Obviously, this affects every single aspect of retailing, and that can be seen as both a threat and an opportunity. Jorg is an inspirational ‘captain of retail’ who has worked in the pet sector.

Ultimately, the changing consumer and their shopping behaviour will affect both the way you sell to them and the way you operate in the supply chain. So how is this changing your approach to the consumer and to b-to-b?

Tony Morris is an authority on the world of sales who can give you insights into this sales process. Tony shows companies how to increase their bottom line, build ‘raving fans’ and gain referrals. It is about changing people’s beliefs and mindsets.

Today’s business models are under pressure. But we do realise that we are stuck in past ways of thinking.

George Parker, founder of TheCreationGame®, helps you to reset your products, processes and yourself, to let go of what does not work anymore and to transform towards desired results. His eye-opening insights and techniques are the result of using his life, career and business as a laboratory for over four decades.


Is the consumer constantly comparing providers to find the lowest price? Or is today’s consumer paying attention to other aspects too? What are the best pricing strategies? On the following pages, you will find a comprehensive article about this, from speaker Evandro Pollono. 





Prominent pet industry speakers

Florian Welz, Zooplus CCO, will take us with him into the world of Zooplus. How does the company manage today’s customers? How do they retain and get new ones? What do they know about their customers? How do they get into their hearts? And how do they work with their suppliers to make sure they deliver 

what the customer needs?

The Bethowen group is one of the biggest pet retail chains in Russia, in the hands of Levan Vasadze. Levan will share with us how they are managing their brick and mortar pet shops combined with an online platform. 

We cannot say it enough – it is important to cooperate throughout the supply chain to be able to deliver what the consumer really wants. How does a manufacturer/distributor see the consumer? Who better than Tom Pletcher to share these insights with us. He has had a long career in the pet industry, most recently as former VP International Business Development at Blue Buffalo.

Michael Sapp, former Merchandising VP at PetSmart, will share his thoughts with us on how to get into the heart of the consumer in today’s world: do we approach them as pet owner or pet parent? To build a relationship, and to maintain it through omni-channels as a retailer, is a real challenge. What exactly are these challenges? How do we overcome them and what is the vital role of suppliers?

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