Guna italy

Natural and effective complementary feed for our pet friends

The Italian company Guna has developed a line of complementary feed in paste for dogs and cats.

35 Years of quality, technology and innovation

Founded in 1983, Guna has rapidly become the leading Italian company in the production and distribution of complementary medicine and health products of natural origin. Today, it has a staff of over 300 employees and distributes in over 30 countries all around the world. All Guna products are made in Italy in cutting-edge facilities.

Every year, considerable resources are invested in research and development. The company supports several medical and professional associations that provide intensive educational and training programmes to medical doctors, veterinarians and pharmacists. Its constant goal has been to propose controlled, safe and effective solutions to achieve and maintain mental and physical wellness of humans and animals.

Especially for pets, the company has developed a new line of complementary feed in paste for dogs and cats, specifically designed to maintain and improve the wellness of our pet friends: the PETformula Line.

Special formulation

Thanks to this special formulation and the synergistic action of carefully selected ingredients, the PETformula Line helps to improve our pet friends' natural physiological condition. The specific formulation and synergic action of the various ingredients, carefully selected and in precise and balanced quantities, aid in facilitating animal well-being. The 50g tubes of paste makes its administration easy: it can be mixed into the complete feed, put directly in the mouth or, for cats, spread on the paw so that they will ingest it automatically during the daily cleaning of the fur.

Natural, effective, GMO-free and tasty!

A lot of attention was paid also to the taste of the high-quality ingredients, palatable for both dogs and cats. PETformula flavours are so savory that they were used in gourmet recipes for pets by the Italian celebrity chef Ugo Gastaldi.


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