Hot fashion trends for 2020

As pet accessories trends closely mimic those of their owners, it pays to keep a finger on the pulse of human accessories trends.

Blade Runner blue?

Trend colours, materials and shapes reflect the transitions that are taking place in our lives and this coming season is no different. Both earthy and human complexions will make their entrance, as will futuristic colours and structures. How does a shade of ‘Blade Runner’ blue or ‘clay red’ sound?

Say no to......

real fur, pollutants, cultural appropriation, gender inequality, fast fashion and fast food. Not just by saying or expressing it, but by actively doing it. Take it as a kind of fasting.

Last season the focus was on making a statement, so matters like sustainability and gender equality have become part of the status quo more and more.

Now, not wearing or using specific items or proclaiming your point of view will become the statement instead showing it off. The activism element seems to have moved to the background. As a result, colours like yellows, that are gender neutral, make their entry followed by quiet pastels. These are accompanied by simple sustainable designs or ones with voluminous shapelessness.

More modesty

A variety of browns will be the colour of the coming years. Beige, bronze and terracotta come to mind, which is mainly due to the retro and 70s trend, but also the modest fashion trend. And now that brown is the new black everything looks different. Warmer, but more neutral.

A trend like this is accompanied by traditional fabrics and shapes. From capes to folklore, timelessness is what is important in products. There is no fashion, and clothes and accessories can be worn in whatever time or age. Like how clothing was and is still worn in some cultures. Folklore can have a connecting vibe, because it can be found in any culture in one way or another. It is sober, but gives off a feeling of nostalgia.


As parts of collections are based on earthy colours and materials, as a form of counter-movement to the coming apocalypse, futuristic colours like blues and shiny products are also seen. The latter could be seen as a form of escapism, a preparation for the journey into space and towards new technologies that come at us at an insane rate. These two movements will appear as a combination, as was seen in the images of the future in 80s movies.

So, all in all, these are exciting times with a lot of challenges in the industry, but accompanied by great opportunities that contribute to change. The customer is aware, and armed with the proper knowledge and skills to partake in a better world with beautiful items of true importance and permanent quality.


Marlous van Teunenbroek

Online and offline concept creator