JULIUS-K9 hungary

Award-winning innovations from a dog harness company

With more than 10 million satisfied customers and a corporate history dating back over 20 years, JULIUS-K9® offers patented innovations and exclusive products to its partners.


Since its launch in 1997, JULIUS-K9 has become a trendsetter in the world of dog harnesses with its Powerharness, a saddle harness product with interchangeable custom patches. It allows humans and dogs to connect at a whole new level.

Thanks to its reliability and practicality, along with its unique ‘fun’ element, the dog harness product line has become the preferred choice of urban dog enthusiasts as well as service dog owners.


With their easy applicability and safety features, the award-winning IDC® Powerharness is scientifically designed to meet the challenges of busy urban life based on locomotion research findings. The scientific approach has also led to the development of yet another revolutionary product: the 2019 Red Dot Award winner IDC®Longwalk harness. Designed for extended, leisurely walks, its unique features minimise the harmful effects of leash jerks and forced shoulder movements, thanks to its integrated joint-friendly Duo-Flex® System.

Legal protection for partner markets and interests

The company’s international legal teams are working to reduce the number of counterfeit products and get illegal fake goods removed from online platforms. This proactive approach allows JULIUS-K9 partners to charge the premium price justified by these original, innovative products. By taking legal action in the source country, the company has often managed to prevent the import of counterfeit products into Europe and the United States. 

Products customised for partners’ needs

The company is ready to integrate its partners’ technical and design concepts into its own products, too. Its special and patented product development solutions help partners to achieve better commercial conditions and make the products easy to distinguish from competitors. The company occasionally provides licensing rights for certain solutions.

Great company with great ideas 

Market surveys forecast Europe as the main future battleground for Chinese and American online platforms. This will put European companies in an even more difficult position, given the fact that they get their products from the same non-EU sources. It is crucial – for the European Union as well as for the future of the company – to keep production and innovation in European hands. Offering 8,000 products, JULIUS-K9’s entire portfolio is made in Hungary, using the highest quality Hungarian and German materials.

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