Karakaya Bentonite turkey

Natural approach to cat litter

Karakaya Bentonite, a family-owned company established in 1954, manufactures natural cat litter products. 

Sodium bentonite is a self-clumping mineral, so needs no additional chemicals for clumping. It is a completely natural product with high liquid absorption and excellent urine odour retention. As there are no chemicals involved in production, the litter is hypoallergenic and will do no harm to pets, people or the planet.

Karakaya Bentonite extracts the mineral from its own mines. Its facilities are based in Ankara, with a 45,000 tons/year production capacity and a 21,000 sqm closed warehouse for product storage. The company supplies cat litter products for private labels according to required packaging standards. The R+D+I department meticulously controls every detail of the production process, to comply with the strictest standards for quality and innovation. 

The quality of all products, processes and services is assured by IS0 9001:2015, certified by Bureau Veritas.