Leiber germany

Premium yeast products with health benefits

Leiber has a global presence with its yeast products – rooted in tradition and yet innovative for the future.

High quality yeast 

Since 1954, Leiber GmbH has been supplying customers worldwide with premium ‘Made in Germany’ brewers’ yeast products for animal nutrition, the food industry and food supplements. Using a patented process to dry the yeast, Leiber manufactures brewers’ yeast products and yeast extracts to the highest level of quality. It has over 230 employees working at two sites in Germany and other production sites in Poland and Russia. An ever-growing number of international sales partners complete the Leiber brewers’ yeast network.

Naturally improved health

Only ‘real’ brewers’ yeast contains the valuable ingredients hops, humulone and lupulone. Due to its special composition, it sustainably increases the acceptance and uptake (palatability) of foods in a natural and healthy manner. The high content of nucleotides, amino acids, B vitamins and trace elements improves breeding, growth and the appearance of pets and small animals.

Advantages brewer's yeast

  • Better acceptance of foods in a natural way
  • Increased resilience, particularly in stressful situations
  • Improved immunity and resistance to infection
  • Optimisation of digestive processes • Natural provision of vitamins and active ingredients
  • A thick and shiny coat

In different combinations

The company offers a number of product solutions: from pure brewers’ yeast and brewers’ yeast applied as a carrier substance with additional effects, to yeast extracts and autolysates. Leiber has expanded its range of combined yeast products and adjusted its food to meet current market trends. For more than 60 years, it has been combining pure brewers’ yeast with functional fibre products such as brewers’ grains, malt sprouts or wheat germ, using a manufacturing process it has developed to protect the nutritional ingredients in brewers’ yeast. 

Also grain-free

The demand for so-called grain-free products has been growing for several years now, especially for pet food and horses. Leiber is taking this trend into account by offering innovative combinations with grain-free fibre components as Leiber YeaFi® – The Yeast Fibre Concept. This new product line combines pure brewers’ yeast with depectinised apple pomace, unmolassed beet slices, pea fibres and carrot pomace. Apart from pet food, new Leiber YeaFi products are also suitable for feeding livestock.