Lider Petfood turkey

Strengthening its position in the global pet market

Lider Petfood is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year. Its products have now found their way onto the shelves in more than 40 countries. 


Fast-growing company

Its journey from the local to the global pet market started in 2009. Today, Lider Petfood is a leading manufacturer in the Turkish market, where it competes with all the global brands. Having already achieved some growth with its brands on the international pet market, the company is now ready to use its experience and competence to take the next steps towards a brighter future.

Sustainability, diversity and quality 

Right from the start, the company applied some important principles with its sustainable growth strategy. ‘We believe that we have a responsibility for the well-being of pets.’ This is Lider Petfood’s nutrition philosophy, so producing healthy and quality products is its main objective. Besides wanting to be successful, it also wants to be seen to be a reliable manufacturer.

With eleven brands, there are now more than 300 Lider Petfood products: wet and dry food, treats and cat litter products. The widest assortment is under the Reflex brand. 

Supporting distributors 

One of Lider Petfood’s principles is to work with only one distributor in each country and to focus on improving the business in that country together with its distributor. The company provides its distributors with ongoing support as they develop their business.


In March 2019, Lider Petfood is launching the European Distribution Hub Project. 


With this it will provide its international partners – especially those located in Europe – with a cheaper, faster and more convenient service. By supplying its distributors more efficiently, the company aims to leverage its international business and gain a leading position in the global pet market.

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