Nektar turkey

Your fish deserve the best food

Nektar manufactures and sources products for ornamental fish and aquaculture. It was established in 2001 and currently sells over 40 products under two brands: ArtAkua Aquarium Food and Nektar Feed. 


The company produces specifically formulated ornamental fish food for a variety of species, based on natural feeding habits. Nektar has a greenfield, high-tech production facility operating in accordance with GlobalGAP standards. Using extensive know-how and innovative technology, it has now completed two projects resulting in the production of fish foods with high digestibility. 

Nektar products contain raw materials such as krill meal, shrimp meal, algae and yeast, all carefully selected after R&D studies. They are in high demand 

in Turkey and are also exported to many other countries. 

The company has built up a good reputation in all its markets. Qualitative products, tailored solutions and excellent service have led to a high level of customer satisfaction.

Niche nutrition is here to stay.Help to fight dog (owner) obesity. Turkey, a pet market on the rise