New wave of Indian petcare products

India has always exported leather collars and leads, steel feeding bowls and treats. But the Indian market itself has gone through significant changes in the past few years. Let’s focus on some Indian players.


Drools pet food was launched a few years back by the Indian Broiler Group, a conglomerate based in Rajnandgaon, Chhattisgarh. It is the first company in India to produce extruder pet food for dogs and cats. Drools have a pan-India presence and the products are sold at various dog shows. When they entered the market, everyone thought they were going to be a strong competitor to Pedigree, as Mars had been the only company in India producing products like these. But it seems that there is room for more than one such food manufacturer as demands soar.    


Taiyo Feed Mill was founded by Mr. RS Prabakar, based in Chennai. Taiyo pet food brands are Taiyo, Aini, Okena, Ultima and Petslife. The company also produces private labels. Having successfully created a niche in the market, Taiyo is managing to co-exist with foreign brands.

Pet En Care

Pet En Care is sold by the export-oriented company AOV International, who are now promoting their products on the domestic market too. Pet En Care products are affordable, quality treats for dogs, such as Chicken Munchy Bone, Bleached Bone and Smoked Bone. 


A yak milk dog treat is marketed by Khanal foods under the brand name Dogsee Chew. This product is sourced from the Himalayas and 100% vegetarian. Their latest all-natural treat is fruit and vegetable cookies called Dogsee Bites. Both products are available in other countries too.

Canes Venatici

Fashion designer duo Akash Sinha and Arpan Joshi started dog apparel company Canes Venatici, redefining the fashion quotient for dogs. Today, in just about every dog fashion show you see their clothing.


Terrai Natural Products have a range of high quality natural shampoos for dogs. Established in 2010 by Dhruv Kumar, a Delhi-based entrepreneur, the company’s skin and hair care products are based on Ayurvedic formulas, designed to effectively cater to specific needs.



Binoy Sahee

Director of India International Pet Trade Fair and Creature Companion Magazine
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