Premixes – Assuring quality nutrition

Nutritional sciences are continuously advancing and improving our understanding of how to better support the health and wellbeing of our pets. 

Invest and innovate

Premixes are a critical component in pet food manufacture and assure quality nutrition is delivered to pets. Premix companies must therefore invest and innovate to ensure the highest standards of nutrition are maintained for pets. 

Increase in quality

Pets play an important and prominent role in the lives of pet owners and their families. As a consequence, pet parents seek out products and brands that they connect with emotionally and intellectually to provide the very best nutrition that they can afford for their pet. The pet food market offers an ever increasingly broad range of choice for pet parents in a growing number of distinct segments – though the market is rightly dominated by nutritionally complete foods. As knowledge grows, the nutritional quality of pet foods has been consistently improving across all segments of the market. 

A number of key market trends affect the nutritional thinking that should be applied when designing foods for pets. For example, paleo/high meat diets and novel ingredients, including novel proteins like insects. Pet food manufacturers are constantly looking to innovate, and Premier Nutrition plays an important role in this process for many of its customers.  

The scientific approach 

The highly qualified team of pet nutritionists at Premier Nutrition has a wealth of experience in the pet food industry across all product formats: complete and complementary foods as well as snacks and treats. The company helps their customers develop market leading pet foods. Expert nutritional advice is just one part of the service they provide to their customers. They partner with customers’ own technical teams to ensure optimal nutritional solutions are brought to market. Prominent and leading roles within the industry allow the nutritionists at the company to continually assess new nutritional sciences, market trends, hot topics and nutritional developments globally – and interpret all this information for their customers.  

Continuous development

The company is part of a large food plc and this drives class-leading food industry innovations and thinking into premix products for pet foods. The company recently invested over £13 million (€15 million/ $17 million) in new tumble mix production facilities and continues to evolve and invest in class leading facilities, processes and procedures. The teams continuously challenge themselves to ensure the highest standards of food safety are maintained and boundaries extended. From the application of NIR technologies to supply chain management, Premier Nutrition is able to support the growing and changing needs of pet food manufacturers around the world.


Andrew Miller

Pet nutritionist
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