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Happy Birthday Company of Animals

As training and behaviour experts, Company of Animals celebrates its 40th birthday. We catch up with the team to discover the secrets at the heart of its success.

Humble beginnings

Founded by Dr Roger Mugford in 1979, the company ethos of innovation, research and product development has ensured they have stayed at the forefront of the market and consumers choices. Dr Roger Mugford was the pioneer in the psychology of dog behaviour and training and he developed the world’s first dog headcollar.

With the latest release of the fifth generation Halti headcollar and a global re-brand across brands including Halti, Baskerville and Pet Corrector, the Company of Animals proves it is certainly not complacent: in fact, it attributes its global success to the continual drive for better products, brands and services. 

New leadership

The leadership team has also seen significant changes as the company evolves in a rapidly changing pet retail environment. This year CEO Dr Roger Mugford announced he will be dedicated to developing a new business venture, Animal Insights Limited. 

The business sets out to break ground in the development of pet accessories and pet tech, to enrich the relationships between pets and their owners, when they are together and apart. 

Paul Nolan, formerly Operations Director at Company of Animals,  has moved into the role of CEO. 

On his appointment, Paul said: “Over the years, Roger has been instrumental in leading Company of Animals to international success, while also investing in animal welfare issues and other causes close to his heart. Company of Animals is an incredibly exciting and dynamic organisation and I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take on the role of CEO and build on the success of the business that Roger founded 40 years ago.” 

With international growth a core focus for Company of Animals, two new members have recently joined its leadership team. Nick Hucker will lead global sales and marketing as Commercial Director and Laura Di Bonaventura joins as Global Head of Marketing. 

Nick highlights: “We are focussed upon growth of the business, looking ahead to the next 10 years with an eye upon the evolving landscape within the pet industry. 

Building a business that is optimally structured to deliver the best to our wholesale, distributor, retail and online partnerships.”

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