Turkish pet market on the rise

The latest figures for the pet market in Turkey are very promising.  As the pet population grows, both bigger and smaller product categories show increased sales.
The facts and figures

Turkey has a strategic location, forming a bridge between Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It has land borders with seven countries and is surrounded by four seas. By the end of 2019, Turkey’s population will have reached almost 82 million, with a high percentage of young people. Each year there is a 10% increase in the number of homes with a pet.

Annual growth 

According to estimated figures for 2018, Turkish pet owners spent approximately €400 million ($460 million) on professional pet products. The market shows annual growth. In the same period, 56,000 tons of dry pet food were sold. 

Local brands go global

Global brands such as Nestlé, Royal Canin and Hill’s are, of course, important market players in Turkey. But in the past five years there have been many national start-ups. And now these local companies are beginning to export worldwide. There are currently ten pet food manufacturers and five cat litter producers. 

Over many decades, Turkey has become well known for its bentonite, used as clumping cat litter. 20% of the world’s bentonite reserves are found here. 

Besides food, accessories and litter, other important segments of the Turkish pet market are aquariums and fish food as well as professional and hobby bird breeders. 

Future looks good

In retail, both grocery markets and pet store chains are contributing to growth, as they sell more and more pet products. Today, there are over 5,000 pet shops and also 1,100 veterinary clinics. 

Looking to the future, market forecasts for annual trading value in 2023 and beyond indicate a market worth €1 million ($1.15 million).


Selçuk Çetin

General Manager Ulusal Fuarcılık Org. Tic. Ltd. Şti.
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