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No.1 Pet and Aquarium Fair in Asia

Based in Asia, influence the world

With 23 years of development, CIPS has become a must-attend annual show for both domestic and International trade in pet industry, acting as a platform to release the latest and the most innovative products, as well as the best place to look for private label suppliers.

In 2019, CIPS will be held from Nov 20-23 in Shanghai New International Expo Center, Shanghai, China. With the spectacular scale in size and industry impact, CIPS is regarded as the busiest trade platform in China, as well as in Asia Pacific.


At the moment, CIPS is involved in the following events:

  • Global PETS Forum Asia
  • CIPS Ornamental Fish Championship
  • CIPS Innovation Award

More to come!

Exhibition profile

Articles for cat & dog

Food, clothes, toy, house, collars, training article, health-care, grooming, medical equipment & medicine, cat litter, funeral supplies, others.

Aquarium products

Aquarium tank, aquarium tank accessories, water plant, trough sand, aquarium tank scenery-building, fish feed, fish medicine, ornamental fish, others.

Other products

Bird products, small animal products, reptiles products, equestrian, living pets, others.


Club, association, media, others.

Prices and reservations

Price list for booths

Raw Space (minimum 18sqm):

  • CNY1000*/ sqm (in-line)
  • CNY1100*/ sqm (corner)
  • CNY1200*/ sqm (head)
  • CNY1300*/ sqm (island)

Shell Scheme (minimum 9sqm)

  • CNY1150*/ sqm (in-line)
  • CNY1250*/ sqm (corner)
  • CNY1350*/ sqm (head)
  • CNY1450*/ sqm (island)

*Calculate according to the current exchange rate.

Booth reservations

Please register your email first, then login and fill out the required form. You will receive a confirmation letter once your application is finished. You will be contacted again by sales representatives for booth selection via email.

To apply online for a booth, click here.

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