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About us

Holland Diervoeders is one of the leading factories in small animal foods for birds and rodents. Our brands Puik, Teurlings and Sluis are well known pet food brands and sold for many years all over the world.

Another strong brand is Voskes, treats for cats and dogs. With a range of more than 200 different dog and cat snacks, Voskes has developed into The Dog & Cat Snack Brand since 1981. Quality, natural ingredients, no artificial additives are our key values. We have more  than 35 years of experience in the field of dog snacks. 

Holland Diervoeders became, together with our sourcing department Lenersan Poortman, member of Group Depre in 2011.  The company has control over the whole line: from sourcing of raw materials, to production and packaging, distribution, branding and marketing support. Our products are sold to pet shops, garden centres, DIY stores and wholesale companies. We supply our products to more than 35 countries.


The Voskes brands exist of more than 200 snacks for dog and cats, both in a standard and a premium line . It gives our customers the possibility to present a complete concept, which they can buy at one location.

The Delicatesse line exist of premium Treats for dogs and cats. The classic Delicatesse line are boiled snacks, made from 100% chicken, mackerel, salmon or tuna for both dogs and cats. The vacuum packed portion pieces ensure a fresh product, every time you want to treat your pet. There are also oven-baked snacks, made from 100% salmon, kangaroo, chicken or deer. Since nothing is added to these products, they form the perfect snack for dogs and cats which are sensitive to certain additives, grains, etc. Our Delicatesse cups for cats are filled with deliciously tender, hand-selected pieces of fish or meat. 

The standard Voskes line exists of a large selection of dog and cat snacks. The snacks have a clear division of snacks, given as reward, treat, caring or encouragement. With clear branding and shelving solutions Voskes helps the consumer make the right decision for their pet.


Food, snacks, bedding and Health & Care products for birds, rabbits, rodents and garden birds in retail packs.



Sluis Egg food is a compact line of egg food for birds and exists of both dry and moist egg food.

Private Label

With many years of experience in the area of private labels, we can help you with the development of private label solutions for food, snacks, bedding and health & care products for dogs , cats, birds and small rodents. We can also assist you with complete concepts, from the drawing table till introduction in the market and follow up.

Our employees have deep experience in the purchasing and production of high quality of ingredients. Our nutritionists have a thorough knowledge of the nutritional needs for small animals. We are supported by a quality system that is approved and certified in accordance with the strictest European standards like GMP+.

We have the ability to provide you with a full customized service: assistance with the design of concepts, advice for and creation of packaging material, extensive category management knowledge, shelf set up, merchandising and brand management support. We offer a wide range of packaging solutions, ranging from paper bags to laminated atmospheric packaging in full color, whether or not resealable with a zipper.



Food and Health & Care products for birds, rabbits, rodents, show and racing pigeons, garden birds  in big bags. Teurlings Hobby is a line of retail packs poultry food and a snack line for poultry, garden birds and small animals.