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Welcome to the GlobalPets Community. It is our goal to help your pet industry business move forward. This includes:

  • ensuring that your are informed about the latest industry trends
  • enabling you to broaden your network
  • helping you find new business partners
  • provinding marketing and communications advice 
  • find new markets and new opportunities
  • confirm your business' position in the international pet industry

For any questions and support, please contact us by email or phone.


It is our mission to inspire professionals in the pet industry, and to help them find the right partners and tools to outperform in their line of business.


In 2018, PETS International celebrated 30 years in business. During this period we published more than 200 magazines and organized more than 20 conferences. We take great pride in reaching more than 40,000 readers in over 130 countries. 



PETS International / GlobalPETS Community has an extensive network of professional agents and authors across the world. We work together with all international associations within the pet industry. Organizing our yearly Asian Forum together with CIPS, strengthens our special relation with them. 

In our PETS International magazine, we publish dedicated country specials 6 times per year informing you on specific market details for these countries.


In 1988, PETS International started its magazine to inform the pet industry about challenges, changes and opportunities taking place in the European pet industry. Through the years, the magazine became global, informing professionals all over the world about developments, trends, merger and acquisitions. The main incentive was, and is, to inspire pet industry professionals to challenge boundaries and to learn from others.

In 1999, PETS International launched the GlobalPETS Forum. This annual conference takes place in Europe, in a different city every year. The Forum offers leaders of the pet industry an advancing opportunity to  network.

The GlobalPETS Community was designed in 2014, and in the following years different products and services were brought to the market. For example, in 2015 the GlobalPETS Academy was established. This is our e-learning environment where employees, customers and partners can learn and experience the knowledge available in the industry.


It is our objective to become B-Corp certified in 2020. 

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PETS International is the leading b-to-b magazine for the global pet industry. 

With our magazine, we offer you a variety of opportunities to support your marketing communication activities.

Looking for ...

Within the the GlobalPETS Community, a Looking for... profile offers you a landing page where future partners can find relevant information about your business, its activities, and the products and services you offer. It also helps you to find the expertise and partnerships you need. A Looking for profile... is a portal to your own digital evironment. The profile's visitor can see all relevant details concerning your company. 

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GlobalPETS Forum in Europe and Asia

Each year, we organize a Forum in Europe and a Forum in China. The Forums are mainly networking events where you can connect with international pet industry professionals in a relaxed environment. The Forums include top notch speakers, a retail discussion, many networking opportunties and workhops. Each event, keynote speakers enlighten you with the latest trends. 


GlobalPETS Academy

The place to learn grow and excel.