27 Feb 2020
United Kingdom

Following on from the success of our inaugural event, the European Pets & Money Summit will return in 2020 to connect pet brands with investors from angel, venture capital, private equity, retailers and multinational consumer companies.

The event will showcase the latest innovations disrupting the industry, explore key trends and consumer priorities, and identify actionable strategies you can use to grow your business or secure your next acquisition target.

This is your chance to - 

  • Understand how changing trends in the pet industry such as the rise of ecommerce and direct-to-consumer selling should shape your M&A decisions and business’ growth strategy.
  • Determine what strategic buyers and financial buyers are looking for, to ensure you have the competitive edge over other pet brands looking for investment or acquisition.
  • Discover and personally connect with the hottest pet brands, ripe for investment and acquisition to enhance your M&A pipeline.
  • Establish an optimal strategy for growth, reoccurring revenue and omnichannel distribution, from the lessons of industry leaders and the perspective of established pet retailers.
  • Meet with your pet industry networking wish list, through our private meeting scheduler application, to find your next business opportunity.

“If you’re a young company, networking is your lifeblood, it’s everything. It’s your next source of capital, it’s your next retailer, it’s your next creative developer, so I think this is a great forum specifically for that purpose.” - Andrew Shore, Managing Director, Moelis & Company | Consumer & Money Summit Series Attendee