PETZOO Türkiye

31 Oct 2019 to 3 Nov 2019
Istanbul Expo Center, hall 9 & hall 11

7. PETZOO Türkiye International Pet Products, Materials and Accessories Suppliers Exhibition will be held on 31 October-03 November 2019 in Istanbul, Turkey.

PETZOO exhibitions started being organized since 2012 by Ulusal Fair, in two cities; PETZOO Türkiye in İstanbul –the international one- and PETZOO Ankara in Ankara – rather regional one in the capital of Turkey-

PETZOO Türkiye 2019 will be 7th Istanbul edition and 9th PETZOO edition in total.
With exhibiting of a whole range of cat, dog, land animals, bird, fish and veterinary products, manufacturers, importers, exporters and wholesaler companies find the opportunity to meet Petshops, Veterinarians, Market chains, Animal hospitals, Veterinary clinics, Pet Beauty and Care Centers, Pet Hotels, Zoos, Farms, Online shops, Veterinary Faculties, Municipalities, Shelters, Pet owners and Entrepreneurs and develop and increase their business.
Beyond national exhibitors and visitors, international exhibitors and visitors of PETZOO exhibitions  provide significant value in Turkish market, which reached almost 1 billion USD annual trading volume.
As Turkey is known as a bridge between Europe and Asia, PETZOO offers many opportunities in Eurasian trade, thus neighbor countries promise ease in logistics and delivery time, which is prominent factor of a start of new business relations.
Ulusal Fair invites all companies to exhibit or visit upcoming PETZOO Türkiye 2019 to realise the potential of this rising market growing %15 each year.