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I do not know my password.

You can easily request a new password here.

I do not know my registered email.

Please send an email to and you will receive support.

Looking for...

What is Looking for...?

Looking for... is an online platform connecting pet industry players worldwide. You can find more information here or start searching for new business partners here.

What is a Premium profile?

A Premium profile in Looking for... is an elaborate online company showcase, allowing you to highlight your unique selling propositions. It offers a customizable page, including fields for company history, brands, products and services, certificates, and much more. Unlimited contact persons and contact details. You can upload corporate images and video, as well as articles or white papers.

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What is an Advanced profile?

An Advanced profile in Looking for... includes basic contact details, up to 5 contact persons, as well as a company or brand logo and an extra text description.


Premium profile in Looking for…

My jobtitle is not in the list?

We aim to have a many jobtitles available as possible, but unfortunately, we can not include every title. If yours is not in the list, please find the one that is closest to it and add any specifics to the 'Contact this person for' field.

Example: Category Food & Research and Development manager = Contact for research and development - food, jobtitle R&D Manager

What do I need to fill my Premium profile?

Please have a look at this checklist so that you'll get an idea of the possibilities and options. 

GlobalPETS Event app

How does the Event app work?

If you need some help or just want to know more about the different features of the GlobalPETS Event app, read the walkthrough.

For a more detailed explanation you can also visit the Attendify website. Attendify is the creator of the app.