GlobalPETS Forum Asia 2019

19 November 2019 Shanghai, China


This years 5th edition will host a diverse group of industry experts from across the world, with experience in the globalization of the pet industry.

Katya Witham - Global Food & Drink Analyst at Mintel - Germany
Katya knows what’s trending in Fast Moving Consumer Goods categories (FMCG). At Mintel she helps leading multinationals to provide strategic recommendations using market intelligence. Katya will share valuable insights on the changing pet food industry. Join Katya as she takes you through ‘The future of pet food in Western Europe: Trends to watch.’


Jonathan Buxton -Partner at Oaklins Cavendish and Head of Consumer & Retail team at Oaklins International - Germany
Jonathan is a Partner at Oaklins Cavendish, one of Oaklins' member firms in the UK. With over 25 years' experience in mergers and acquisitions, he leads Oaklins' consumer & retail team as well as the consumer team at Oaklins Cavendish, which focuses on branded businesses in the retail, consumer goods, food, leisure and luxury sectors. 


Tianyang Fan - JD.com
As general manager at JD.com, a leading technology driven retail giant and a Fortune Global 500 company, Tianyang Fan will go into the latest developments on the Chinese market. What are the do’s and don’ts for doing business in China and more importantly what will the changing retail landscape mean for global business.


Owen Ciu - Founder Crazy Dog - China
Owen founded Crazy Dog Pet Products Co., Ltd in 2014. With the mission of "creating lifestyle for people to live in harmony with pets" the company has managed to grow out to provide very cost-effective food for pets. Find out the success factors in the international trade for his company. 


Linda Brady - CEO LB Associates - India
Get a perspective on the rapidly growing Indian market and join Linda as she shares her extensive knowledge. Linda is the head of an integrated media house that organises the India International Pet Trade Fair.



Sonya Kosta di Nova - CEO Transcon Trading Co.,Inc. - USA
Sonya runs a successful company with a presence in about 100 countries worldwide. The company is specialized in helping U.S. pet industry manufacturers getting into international markets by providing full services on import/export, financing, marketing and much more. Let Sonya introduce you to the world of successful international business.


Jacinthe Moreau - President World Pet Association (WPA) - USA
As president of the WPA (producer of the SuperZoo) Jacinthe uses her experience and enthusiasm to bring the pet world together. She has an extensive track record in the animal health industry where she led marketing consultants in order to help veterinary hospitals across the USA in becoming more successful. Get to know all insights on the USA pet industry as Jacynta guides you through an in depth presentation.


Bryan Jaffe - Co-Head of Cascadia’s Consumer & Retail Practice
Bryan has been actively covering the pet industry for over 10 years. During that period he has advised over 20 U.S. companies on successful growth equity financing and sale transactions.  Bryan’s pet industry experience includes contract manufacturing and ingredients, branded consumables, branded and private label hard and soft-goods, and physical and digital retailers.  Bryan is well known in the industry through his publishing and speaking engagements to the financial community and business owners operating the industry.


Toby Hart - Business Development Director Fish4Dogs - United Kingdom
As a well known and highly respected specialist within the global pet food industry Toby has held a number of lead roles. As the Business Development Director of a succesful, internationally operating, business he will share his experiences on global trade.