Ikea is launching new pet products, after a year a major recall

The new designs are more low-tech than the company’s original line of pet products, first released in 2017.

during 2018 Ikea has recalled tens of millions of products throughout its history, in some cases because children have been hurt or killed by them. But if you have a pet, you might remember another recall: Last summer, the Swedish furniture giant recalled a water-dispensing pet bowl after two dogs suffocated when their heads became trapped inside the dome-like reservoir that held the water.

That product was part of Lurvig, the Ikea-for-pets line that first launched in 2017 and was developed by designer Inma Bermudéz along with Barbara Schäfer, a trained veterinarian who works with Ikea’s risk assessment team. This week, the company announced it would be adding new products to the Lurvig line, which it will begin releasing in October and continue into spring of 2020. 

Bermudéz and Schäfer were also responsible for designing these new items. In a statement from Ikea, the duo says their goal was to design items from a pet’s point of view. For instance, cats love sleeping in clean, enclosed spaces on cozy textiles, whereas dogs don’t care as much about their bedding as long as they are close to their owners. Cats eat with their necks in a higher position, so they created a ceramic cat bowl that is tall, while they created a flexible travel bowl for dogs who can eat in different positions. 

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