Lallemand Animal Nutrition is pleased to announce the appointment of Francesca Susca, Ph.D., as Pet Development Manager.

Francesca has succeeded in this role to Mr. Christian Roques, who has retired after having setup the company pet nutrition business, and will continue to support its development as a consultant. Francisca reinforces the team of pet nutrition experts recently built within Lallemand, including Bart Dunsford and Greg Erdei in the North American market. The pet nutrition team supports Lallemand’s commitment to the pet food market: the optimization of animal health and well-being through specific and natural microbial solutions.

Francesca Susca, DVM graduated from the University of Milan, Italy, holds a Ph.D. in Animal Feed and Food Safety. She has devoted her professional career to pet nutrition. Prior to joining Lallemand, Francesca has worked for 10 years for Nestlé Purina managing several categories and roles within the areas of Product Development, Regulatory and Compliance in the Pet Care Business.

Decades of research and development on carefully selected yeast and bacteria strains in human and animal nutrition demonstrated that Lallemand’s approach and its applications of specific microbial solutions are safe, effective and can help alleviate the major challenges of the day-to-day lives of dogs and cats.  The company’s portfolio of specific ingredients and additives aimed at the pet food market can:

Help optimize the actions of the gut microflora
Improve pets’ defense and resistance to oxidative stress
Support the general immune system

For more information about our products and services for pet nutrition, email them or visit their website.