Natural cat litter has opportunities for growth as consumers look for new options.

As consumers continue to look for environmentally-friendly, chemical-free versions of products for themselves, they’re also seeking natural alternatives for their pets. While this trend has already gained a stronghold in food, treats, supplements and other health-related items, it’s just getting started for cat litter.

Manufacturers are making sure that the natural cat litters they’re developing provide benefits for everyone. These organic options provide consumers with a product that creates less dust, encourages litter box use and helps the environment while driving sales growth in a crucial category that provides repeat business.

Typically, natural cat litter is made from materials that provide an alternative from the environmental and health issues of clay and silica, relying instead on ingredients such as wheat, corn, wood, recycled paper and even coconut. These materials are in demand, as cat owners are beginning to seek out natural options that won’t harm their pets or the environment.

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