At the beginning of April 2017 the Czech chain of pet stores AKVAZOO entered the Plaček Group. AKVAZOO is the fourth biggest chain of pet stores in the Czech Republic with fifteen stores.
Placek Group
Czech Republic

Plaček Group has become the minority shareholder with the option to buy the rest of the shares. This acquisition brings more synergy for both parties and a bigger market shares for Plaček Group on the Czech market. In the year 2017 Plaček Group has experienced the biggest expansion in the history of the company.  During 2017 more than 25 stores will be opened in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Latvia.

On 26 April 2017 Plaček Group opened a flagship megastore DINO ZOO in Latvia in Riga. This store covers 3000m2 and is the largest pet shop in eastern and middle Europe. Part of this amazing complex is an exhibition hall - DINO ZOO Arena, vet pharmacy, boutique and grooming area. In two months time a veterinary clinic will also open. The store has the widest range of products and livestock in Latvia, including tropical fish, exotic birds, small animals and terrarium animals.

Plaček Group is planning to expand its retail to one more country in 2017.