Simplyhealth to partner with Felcana to use digital technology

Simplyhealth to partner with Felcana to use digital technology 

Simplyhealth and Felcana have announced that they are to collaborate as strategic partners. Simplyhealth’s expertise in preventive health plans will support the efforts of Felcana’s team of veterinary surgeons, data scientists and engineers, with a view to understanding how pet health plans can support the development of its state-of- the-art digital platforms and technologies. 

Sally Clarke, Director of Vets at Simplyhealth, says: 

“It of innovation, especially innovation that has the potential t’rthe Felcana team, to ensure veterinary practices can make the most of this opportunit” 

The collaboration will focus on how digital technology can detect and track variances in behaviour and activity and identify how data can be acted upon to improve pet health and welfare. 

Dr. James Andrews, CEO of Felcana, commented: 

“We are very excited to partner with such a digitally engaged company like Simplyhealth Professionals to deliver our combined mission to improve animal health and welfare. There is huge potential in the veterinary profession for the use of sophisticated digital innovations to support clinicians”.

Veterinary professionals recognise the benefits when pets are able to present to the practice at an early s’sbehaviour or wellness which often means that pets present much later’santicipated that this new technology will allow over 90% of health issues to be predicted or detected at an early stage, facilitating early intervention and as a result, generating more positive outcomes. 

Felcana’s Digital Pet Health Platform uses a bespoke modelling process which revolutionises how owners monitor their dog and cat health. Through complex scientific algorithms, which can interpret a pet’s behavioural patterns such as drinking, eating and sleeping, owners are now able to track their pets needs through their smart phones. This  technology is   hoped to provide effective relief to conditions, such as arthritis, diabetes and kidney failure, at an earlier stage to minimise the pain for the animal.   Felcana   have   collaborated with the Royal Veterinary College to combine their expertise in a range of exciting pet wearable health projects and enhance the levels of data related to tracking behaviours, habits and activities.