Technical specifications

This page provides an overview of all technical specifications and instructions needed to prepare copy for PETS International or GlobalPETS products or services. You can download and print each instruction, but please note that updates will take place regularly, so please revisit this page to make sure you use the current version of each document. Please send all copy to


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How to update an Advanced profile

How to update an Advanced+ profile

To update a Premium profile, download the following document (word)

Microsoft Office document icon Download premium_profile_fill_out_form.doc (258.5 KB)

We ask you to use these specifications when designing your advertising copy. The production team of PETS International will do its best effort to check advertising copy on technical compatibility and quality, however, we do not take any responsibility for the quality of the published advertisement. The customer can only claim a (partial) refund or republication when the published advertisement is considered unfit to serve its purpose, such to be determined by the publisher. The publisher and editors do not take any responsibility for the contents of advertisements. Publication of any advertisement shall not be considered an endorsement of the advertiser, or of the product or service involved.